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Riding around Chianti by e-Bike

Mountain biking in Chianti

The best way to enjoy Chianti, with a minimum of practice, is on a bike, especially and electric bike.

The typical Tuscan landscape is famous the world over for its valleys and the hills from which you can appreciate the harmony of humans’ union with nature. The patterns of vines and olives are punctuated by rows of cypress trees and ancient farm-houses which lend to the visitor a sense of equilibrium and elegant beauty.

The ascents should not be underestimatedon a regular bicycle, but this problem disappears if you make used of a boosted electric bike.

The Chianti area is criss-crossed by about 400 kilometres of quiet, tarmac roads. The unsealed roads - the strade bianche of Tuscany - are in very good condition and they, too make for enjoyable e-bike rides. And then they are innumerable pathways through vast and glorious woodlands. Around every bend there are new delights and spectacular views – medieval villages, ancient Romanesque churches, castles, vineyards, olive groves, cypresses, typical farm-houses.

There are routes for every level, gentle slopes and almost impossible climbs, but always within the bounds of human possibility.

We look forward to seeing you in this fantastic atmosphere………it’s almost surreal!!

tuscany ebike rentals

Rent an e-bike to explore Tuscany

As more and better models of electric bike become widely available in Tuscany, we are lucky enough to have access to a new and wonderful way to explore the Tuscan countryside.

Bicycle routes in Tuscany between Siena and Florence.

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