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Origin and history of the South American Criollo horse

The “Criolla” breed of horse is descended from Spanish horses of the 16th century, when there was a strong influx of Berber blood and these horses were considered among the best in Europe. They arrived in South America with the Spanish and Portuguese Conquistadores, but were dispersed or abandoned when the Indians drove the Spanish from Buenos Aires in 1540 and spread throughout Argentina. They bred in the wild and after 40 years of natural selection, the various crossings resulted in a very resistant horse capable of surviving in the most difficult climatic conditions.

Only in recent years has  this breed been re-introduced into Europe and enhanced and appreciated with the establishment of various associations of breeders in Italy, Germany and France. All of these associations are working to maintain current the breed standard, to preserve the features of a rustic, docile and long-living horse. A horse of great versatility that stands out for its intelligence, docility and attitude to"work" in the countryside, skills that, along with its famous resistance to adverse conditions, makes the Criollo horse the best choice when you need an animal that's simple and easy to handle, for excursions in the countryside.

Criollo horse in Tuscany

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